The Eclipse is Coming

Two Women and a Moon, oil painting by Kathryn Dettwiller, 2 ladies walking with the moon
Two Women and a Moon
11 x 18″
Oil on canvas 1978
© Kathryn Dettwiller

The Great Eclipse is coming, August 21, 2017

On August 21, 2017, the biggest celestial event of my lifetime is predicted to happen. Of course I am referring to the Total Eclipse. Forecasters believe that its path will make broad arc over the entire United States. My town, Nashville, Tennessee, is one of the few places expected to experience a lengthy view of the eclipse.
Lucky us!
While this painting isn’t an image of an eclipse, it does show a feature that we humans depend upon, moonlight. When the moon is full, it can shed light on the darkness around us. Will the moon be dark when it passes in front of the sun on August 21st?